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Have we reached subscription saturation YET?? It’s presented as a fair and clear option, well reasoned and justified. But 10$ more USD a month??

Add Netflix, crave, Sportsnet, iCloud and each month gets a little nutty

Motorbikes of the year?

Lotsa cool, but seems like the Harley is the only truely practical one?

your own cloud…

So, just like everyone else, I’m sick of using the word ‘cloud’ to mean a computer somewhere that you don’t have control over, one that you’ve given up the control over inline of convince. Remember, if it’s free- you’re the product. I personally don’t want my personal files in a country not of my choosing, or Cambridge Analytica getting hold of where I was at a certain time. I want control of my own data as if it was just that… mine.

I’ve closed my facebook, don’t post pictures of my house on instagram, and generally try to stay off of Twitter when I’m 2 beers in so I don’t share too much. I realize that those are all… not mine once they leave my hands.

We all have to use hosted services in some capacity, it’s like fossil fuels at this point. We know there’re bad for us globally, but sometimes it’s the most practical, economical or – inset excuse here-

I’ve spent the last couple of years trying to convince myself that I can roll my own … I’ve tried a mac mini with server ; first with Server oS, then server app, then goddammit a barely-an-app app with terminal and home-brew, goddammit Apple!)

so I sold my mac mini- thankfully before the new ones arrived. They’re great, don’t get me wrong, but i’m sure the value has dropped a bit on the old ones!

Long story short- Synology. Its a NAS, but evolved. At the heart of it, it’s a linux bred bunch of drives. You get the faux desktop when you log in, but you also get all the traditional NAS file serving, plus you get services too. This is key- calendaring, mail server, web hosting, iTunes server, photo and video hosting. Plex, and wordpress are on there too., It’s got it’s own app store for deity’s sake! Chat, office, LDAP and AD are in there too.

This blog is hosted on one, my mail is hosted on one, my plex is on it too- movies, tv shows and music… all of ’em. Plus backups of my machines etc. There’s no offsite, which is a concern, but you know what- it’s something I’m building up to- if you have 2 Synology’s, you can co-lo them and have any changed federated amongst them! (2 NAS’s that stay in sync, no matter where they are)

so that’s an iCloud account that can be closed, that’s a gmail account gonzo, a mac mini (Apple shouldn’t have gotten out of the server game) and a flicker account I can’t remember the login for (it’s from before 1passsword!) all taken care of from one NAS.

The setups are easy, guided and while simple can be pretty well customized. Synology even offers DDNs to make setups easy if you’re not a NAT traversal kinda person. Though they do have a well-equipped router line as well.

they really have thought of most of it.





heiwa BMW R75/6 custom motorcycle dazzles with glittery body paint

created by kengo kimura, the heiwa BMW R75/6’s simple but elegant body is sprayed with a dark purple, milkway-like paint.
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Holy smokes

Shortcuts & API’s

This is one of those things where it’s good to know it CAN happen so that you know you’re not beating your head against the wall for no reason!

Dirty politics in a season of… dirty politics

I kinda feel like Apple should just buy them, and then nuke middle management.

Mobile test

As you go about setting up these things you always wanna have a first post… yup, now that that’s over…